Modalities :

Pre-registration is now closed. For latecomers, it is still possible to register the same day of the tournament from 10am to 12pm, paying the 15-euro extra charge.

Tariff Shedule :

The tariffs of the 36th Tournament of Paris are :

  • General tariff : 25 euros

  • Reduced tariff : 15 euros (people who are under 18 years old, students or unemployment)

A 15 euros extra charge will be added for players registered after march the 10th.
Pre-registration is not mandatory but is the only way not to get normal fare and be sure to have a place as number of attendees is limited to 400.
For non French resident players, payement in advance is not required and will be done directly on tournament's place.
Every French player with no FFG licence will be charged an extra 60 euro charge and will be rewarded with a free FFG licence
Free for visitor.
We remind you that according to French law, minors must be accompanied by their legal guardian or have a parental permission. All minors who do not have such permission will be refused access to tournament. You can download a parental permission form to be filled in.
Download here